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The rules that societies today expect young people to follow and obey are too strict.

The rules play an important part in the progress and development of a society. Whether the rules that societies today expect young people to follow and obey are too strict can be weighed in many aspects. In my opinion, I do not concur with the statement that the rules are stringent for our youngsters.

Admittedly, sometimes the rules formed by our elders, such as parents and teachers, may not meet the real needs of young people. For example, parents demand their children to follow the career path they wish; teachers want students to attain the performance they desired. However, except for these situations, on a large scale, the rules that societies expect young people to follow are necessary.

First of all, the first thought about the rules of societies comes to laws. Justice and law are two mandatory and fundamental constituents of a healthy and order society. For example, firearms are legal to possess in the United States, and people have the right to use them. However, the rules, such as laws and regulations, are implemented to prevent abusive usage and cause injuries and deaths. Moreover, young people are demanded to have the correct concept of using firearms and corresponding punishment. After all, these rules are essential to creating a society with the order and prevent our youngsters from hurting themselves or others. Therefore, it is essential for young people to obey and follow the rules rigorously.

On the other hand, the invisible but important rules are moral standards established by the general awareness of right and wrong. Moral code plays a pivotal role implicitly in our society, including being humble, helping others, taking care of elders, and so on. For example, in Chinese culture, children are required to be unassuming and feedback their ability to the family when starting earning money. It creates a peaceful and moderate social environment and reduces the possibility of any conflicts. After all, cooperation and understanding can facilitate the progress of societies. Consequently, young people should keep moral code in mind and help to create an idyllic society.

To sum up, the statement is not as persuasive as it stands. Base on my expositions mentioned above, the rules, including laws and moral standards, are vital to make a prosperous society. Therefore, those rules are not too strict for young people to follow. Instead, they are important during their growth.

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